The Contenders: Xbox, PlayStation, and Wii

Few will remember, but gaming consoles used to consist of nothing more than cheap plastic controllers, tiny photo-cell TV screens, and a white ball that bounced back and forth infinitely to the ecstatic cries of its young guinea pig consumers. Yet in a mere 40 years, gaming has evolved into one of the most lucrative proponents in the entertainment business. Millions constantly compete via online connections, while others try to best their own scores in personal games of skill. A game could literally be found for every adult, child, and dog. However, choosing which game to play depends on what console you own. And what console you own is determined by your tendencies as a gamer.

If you like huge online battle rooms and the newest strategy games, you might choose Microsoft's Xbox. Maybe you're trying to make ends meet while still satisfying the rabid gaming frenzy inside. If so, the cheaper price tag of the new PlayStation 4 may fit your fancy. Do you prefer gaming with friends and family in a jubilant 4 par reminiscent of Augusta's legend greens? Wii and its myriad family-friendly games may be exactly what your crazy doctor ordered.

Whatever your habits as a gamer may be, choosing the right gaming console is imperative. Don't feel exasperated at the unending amounts of technical data, consumer ratings, and professional jargon. All you've got to do is try out some of these shiny plastic boxes. We're here just to give you the information as well as the inspiration to get out there and game. Don’t be shy. We're waiting for you.

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